About Hunt Quietly

The Hunt Quietly movement was started by research ecologist and lifelong hunter Dr. Matthew J. Rinella.

Our Mission

The grass-roots traditions that have defined hunting in America are being displaced by a hyper-commercialized pay-to-play model. Our mission is reversing this trend. To restore our cherished pastime:

Habitat & Access
-Engage in the fight for habitat and access!
-Acknowledge, celebrate, and support landowners that provide hunting access to the

Pay To play
-Avoid hiring outfitters that lease private land.
-Do not lease hunting land in states that have programs to compensate
landowners for providing public access.
-If leasing is essential, liberally share your leased land with fellow hunters.

Hunting TV
-Boycott hunting TV and other forms of hunting entertainment. It leads to
the commodification of wildlife and hunting access.
-Avoid (to the extent possible) companies that use hunting TV and social media
influencers to sell products.

Social Media
-Disincentivize (unfollow) hunters that display dead and dying animals to
strangers on social media.

-Discourage hunting nonprofits from recruiting, retaining, and reactivating
hunters into our severely overcrowded pastime in their quest for dues and
hunting industry sponsors.

Hunter Ethics and Fair Chase
-Treat property open to hunting with respect as if you own it.
-Combat poor hunter behavior, especially on private lands made accessible to
hunters through government programs.
-Support initiatives to provide opportunity for hunters that use primitive gear,
including long bows, recurve bows, and muzzleloaders.
-Avoid the “long range” craze and restrict rifle shots to <500 yards.